Tracking your wallet if your lose it

A wallet tracker lets you find your wallet or purse if you lose it. A lot of wallet trackers on the market today are electronic devices that contain radio transmitters and a battery. These are great for finding your wallet or purse if you've lost it somewhere near you but systems like this fail when your wallet is lost somewhere else. This is because the radio signals emitted by the devices aren't strong enough to go further - a limitation of the devices and their battery capacity.

lost wallet
wallet with wallet tracker

Our simple non-electronic wallet tracker

Our wallet tracker is very different. There are no electronics involved as we use people to track your wallet instead. If you're wondering how, it's really simple. You stick one of our coded stick-on labels to the inside of your wallet which would have printed on it a simple instruction on what to do if the wallet was found. All the finder needs to do is follow the instruction and we can then track the wallet, notifying you of its location and giving you various recovery options depending on where your wallet is and what the finder is prepared to do to assist. If your wallet is found in the same town or city, you could choose to pick it up from the finder directly. If it's further afield, we can send the finder a pre-paid postage pack to return the wallet to us, so it can be passed on to you. That way the finder knows nothing about you or where you live.

Caring for the environment

One major issue of an electronic wallet tracker is the creation of yet another complex electronic device, which uses up material resources and is another item to recycle at the end of its life. Recycling electronic devices is complex because there could potentially be hundreds of different materials that need to be separated and some of those can't even be recycled so they end up in landfill. There's also the issue of walking around every day with a radio transmitter in your pockets, in close proximity to your body.

We are already exposed to various radio signals on a daily basis from our phones, cordless devices, alarms, microwave ovens, cosmic energy etc. Some evidence has shown that radio signals at certain frequencies (like WiFi and Bluetooth) can alter the physiology of biological organisms. It's true that the signals emitted from an electronic wallet tracker are very weak, relatively speaking, but the long term exposure to them cannot be a good thing.

How we track your wallet

Our tracking system uses one of the most readily available sources of power - people. And implementing it is really simple. Just stick one of our labels on your wallet or purse. That's it. There are no subscription charges to pay, no connection issues, no remembering to charge batteries, no calibrating and no testing. All you have to do is periodically check the label is legible. Never lose your wallet again with our wallet tracker - take a look at our shop!