Our Terms - Tags & Labels

6) Tags and labels

We provide a range of tags with your Recovery Identification Code printed on them. Tags are excluded from any warranty or returns as they are associated with an account and cannot be re-used once printed. We are not responsible for any damage to Items that are tagged with any of our labels, key fobs or straps and will not be held responsible for Items that cannot be recovered under any circumstance.

6.1 - Merchandise warranty

We offer a range of labels, key rings and bag tags printed with an Account Holders Recovery Identification Code through our online store. Labels, key rings and bag tags enable Account Holders to tag their Items effectively. All merchandise that is sold through our Service is excluded from a returns policy unless the merchandise is faulty on arrival or is not as described. Because our merchandise is printed specifically for each Account Holder and tags cannot be re-used, there is no trial or warranty period for any product purchased from our shop.

6.2 - The application of labels

Tags should be applied to the relevant Items and be clearly visible so that the Item can be reported to Us easily. For more information about tagging items, we suggest Account Holders watch our guides and consult the information contained in our help and FAQ's section.

We strongly recommend that all Account Holders purchase one of our "Item Tag" sets to enable their Items to be identifiable should they ever go missing. It is not a requirement to use tags purchased from our Service but all Items must be marked in some way with the relevant text so that a Finder has clear instructions on what to do if a lost Item is found. We will not be held responsible for Items that cannot be recovered under any circumstances.

6.3 - Label durability

All the labels we supply are printed on polymer based material with a permanent, water resistant adhesive. The durability of our labels will depend on their application. Under normal circumstances, labels can be expected to last several months but we cannot offer any guarantees with regards to the effectiveness or endurance of our labels.

6.4 - Damage to Items

By using our labels, key rings and bag tags, you agree to indemnify us against any damage and associated costs to your Items resulting from the application of labels, key rings and bag tags, and their subsequent removal. It is the Account Holders responsibility to ensure that the application of any of our merchandise does not invalidate or affect a product warranty.