Our Terms - For Finders

9) Reporting an Item that you've found

This section is relevant only to the Finder - someone who has found an Item and reported it through our Service. Finders are not considered Account Holders and any terms associated with an Account Holder do not apply to a Finder.

To help us return an Item you've found to its Owner, we need certain limited personal information from you. This information will only be passed on to the Owner with your express consent. Your details will be removed from our system once the Item has been recovered by the Owner. We may disclose your details only if it is required to do so by law, for example if you fail to complete the recovery. Any costs associated with the recovery will be covered by the Owner and you will have nothing to pay.

If you have found an Item that has a tag or label on it with a link to our Service, we may request some limited personal information from you so that we can choose the best options of recovery. Depending on what information you permit us to disclose to the Owner, we'll get in touch with them to either pass on your details or to send you a postage packet so that you can send the Item either to us or directly to the Owner. The owner will bear any costs associated with the recovery of their Item.

Any limited personal information you provide is kept confidential and we will not share your details to anyone else without your express consent unless it is required to do so by law.

Limited personal may include:-

  1. A contact name to ensure we address you correctly.
  2. A postal address where we can send you a pre-paid postage packet to return the item to its Owner or to Us.
  3. Either a mobile phone number or email address or both so that we can get in touch with you if there are any problems collecting the item from you and to keep you updated with regards to the status of the recovery.

If you allow us to do so, we'll disclose your contact name and phone number to the Owner so that they can get in touch with you directly to arrange collection of their Item.

9.1 - Un-recovered items

If a lost item has been reported to us by you and we are unable to recover it from you, we may be obliged by law to get in touch with the police to report the item stolen.

9.2 - Removing your details

When the item has been successfully received by the Owner, intact and as expected, we will ensure we permanently remove any limited personal information we hold about you.

9.3 - If we can't get in touch with the Owner

If we are unsuccessful getting in touch with the Owner, or they do not respond in time or pay the recovery fee in full, and over 28 days have elapsed since you reported the Item, we recommend that you hand the item over to a lost property office or to the police. Please do not assume ownership of the Item in this instance. If in doubt, consult the police.