Our Terms - Recovery & Charges

7) Recovery procedure and charges

You must ensure we have the correct contact details for you otherwise we cannot get in touch with you if someone reports a lost Item of yours to Us. To begin the recovery process, you must pay our recovery fee in full. We are unable to guaranty that a lost Item reported to Us will be returned to you and we are unable to guaranty the accuracy of any informaton given to Us by the Finder.

7.1 - Starting the recovery

If you are an Account Holder and you lose an Item that is recovered through our Service, we will get in touch with you via an email and/or a text message. It is your responsibility as an Account Holder to ensure you sign in to your account to go through the recovery procedure outlined below. Failure to do so will mean your Item will not be recovered using our Service.

Based on the information you provide to us about your Item, including the option of recovery you choose, we will request immediate payment of our recovery fee which you must pay online. We will not begin the recovery procedure until we have received the recovery fee in full. If we do not receive the recovery fee within 14 days, we will provide a recommendation to the Finder that they hand your Item over to a lost property office or to the police.

We will not be held responsible for Items that are not in our direct possession nor can we control what a person who finds your Items does with them. If the Finder does not consent to disclosing their information, for data protection and to maintain confidentiality, we are not permitted to disclose any information to you about the Finder regardless of whether they return the Item to you or to Us.

7.2 - Paying the recovery fee

The recovery fee will consist of (1) a service charge and (2) where applicable; postage, packaging, handling and postal insurance costs. The service charge is non-refundable under any circumstance as once the fee has been paid, the Service is deemed to have been delivered.

You must pay the recovery fee online using a debit/credit card or a PayPal account. When the recovery fee has been received by us in full, depending on what recovery option you choose, we will either:-

  1. Send the Finder a pre-paid postage packet to post the item to you directly.
  2. Send the Finder a pre-paid postage packet to post the item to us so that we can relay it on to you.
  3. Give you the contact details of the Finder so that you can arrange collection directly with them (if both you - the Owner - and Finder agree to disclose each others contact information.)
  4. Organise a specialist courier to collect the item from the Finder and return it directly to you.

The duration of recovery will depend on the option selected, the speed and efficiency of the postal service, courier, and Finder, and any arrangements made with the Finder (if your are collecting the item directly from them). Typically, for options (a) & (d), it can take around 3-5 working days to recieve your Item. For option (b), it can take around 5-7 working days to recieve your item. For option (c), it is possible to get your Item returned on the same day - depending on what you organise with the Finder.

7.3 - Disclosing the finders personal details with their permission

We cannot validate or ensure the accuracy of any information given to us by the Finder therefore we cannot guaranty that that any information we pass on to the Owner in respect of the Finder (where the Finder has given us permission to do so) will be correct and fit for purpose. We cannot offer any refunds for information we pass on to the Owner that is incorrect or not fit for purpose as the Servce will have been deemed delivered in full.

7.4 - Finder keeping hold of your Item dishonestly

We cannot control what the Finder will do with your Item regardless of what option is selected, but where we suspect a Finder is being dishonest or attempting to keep hold of your Item, we may get in touch with the police to report them. To maintain our Privacy Policy, we cannot disclose the details of the Finder to you in this instance, but we will pass on your details to the Police who may get in touch you. The Police may also get in touch with us to request the Finders details.

7.5 - Recovery service costs

We calculate the cost of recovering an Item based on the method of recovery. This will ordinarily take into consideration current postal rates, the cost of packaging, insurances and administrative charges. We are unable to recover an Item if the information provided about it is inaccurate.

Account Holders are advised to use our online recovery charge estimator to check the cost of recovering an Item. Whilst we try to ensure this is as accurate as possible, it is by no means a guaranty as to the final cost of recovery should the Item be recovered in the future. Account Holders are advised to periodically use the online recovery charge estimator as there will inevitably be variations in the cost of the service over time due to changes in postage prices, insurance rates and operating costs.

We strongly recommend that all Account Holders purchase at least one set of labels and key rings from our website that they can apply to their Items. Without proper identification, lost items cannot be recovered through our Service.

7.6 - Cancelling a recovery

If a recovery is cancelled by the Account Holder, we will advise the Finder to take their Item to a lost property office or hand it over to the police unless the Account Holder allows the Finder to keep the item – a tick box option is provided on cancellation pages/dialogues to enable this.

Once a recovery has been cancelled, we will remove any details we have related to the Finder and the Item, and can no longer assist in the recovery of the Item. This action cannot be undone.