Our Terms - Your Items

5) Protecting your items

We do not provide insurance nor are We an insurance company. We can only assist you to recover your lost Items if they are clearly marked with your Recovery Identification Code that is generated when you create an account. We sell labels, key rings and bag tags printed with your Recovery Identification Code in our shop.

5.1 - We are not an insurance company

We do not provide an insurance service nor are We an insurance company. Our Service assists in the recovery of lost Items by reuniting them with their Owner. We do this by providing various recovery methods based on the preferences of both Finder and Owner.

5.2 - Recovery Identification Code

An Account Holder can tag as many Items as required using labels, key rings or bag tags that We provide. Tags should have the Account Holders Recovery Identification Code printed clearly on them. It is the Account Holders responsibility to ensure tags are applied correctly and securely to Items. We will not be held responsible in any way for Items that cannot be recovered.

A Recovery Identification Code is associated with an iFoundThis account and each Account Holder will have a unique Recovery Identification Code.

5.3 - Recovery service costs

We calculate the cost of recovering an Item based on the method of recovery. This will ordinarily take into consideration current postal rates, the cost of packaging, insurances and administrative charges. We are unable to recover an Item if the information provided about it is inaccurate.

Account Holders are advised to use our online recovery charge estimator to check the cost of recovering an Item. Whilst We try to ensure this is as accurate as possible, it is by no means a guaranty as to the final cost of recovery should the Item be recovered in the future. Account Holders are advised to periodically use the online recovery charge estimator as there will inevitably be variations in the cost of the Service over time due to changes in postage prices, insurance rates and operating costs.

We strongly recommend that all Account Holders purchase at least one set of labels and key fobs from our website that they can apply to their Items. Without proper identification, lost items cannot be recovered through our Service.