Your Privacy

Our privacy policy & your data

We keep any data you provide confidential and we only use the data in connection with your account or in connection with a recovery. Account Holders can request their data to be removed from our database by terminating their account or getting in touch with us. If you request the removal of your data, any associated accounts you have will be permanently deleted and may affect recoveries made through iFoundThis.

Your privacy is important to us. This privacy policy describes how we collect and use your data. If you have any questions or comments regarding our Privacy Policy or its enforcement, please contact us.

iFoundThis is a Service that relies on people disclosing certain limited personal information about themselves (typically their name, email address and mobile phone number) so that Items that have been found through the Service can be returned to their Owner. Any limited personal information that is disclosed by you is only accesible by our administration team, or (with the consent of each party) by both Owner and Finder. Unless requested by law, nobody else will see this information.

Account Holders

Account Holders will need to disclose their name, mobile phone number, landline number (optional) and an email address. We keep this information in our database until such time as the account is terminated. If a recovery is requested, we will may also ask the Account Holder for a postal address which is kept in our database temporarily until such time as the recovery is complete. An Account Holders mobile phone number and email address are only accessible by the (1) Account Holder and (2) our administration team. An Account Holder's name and postal address may be passed on to the Finder if the Account Holder consents to us giving them this information during the 'Direct Recovery' method where a pre-paid postage packet is addressed directly to the Owner or if required by a courier.

Account Holders can change their personal details at any time by signing in to their account. We do not ask for any other personal information such as date of birth, gender or ethnicity.

Why do we need this information?

We need this limited personal information so that we can return Items that have been recovered to their Owner. We may also pass on this information to the police or law enforcement authorities if it is requested.

Data from a Finder

A Finder of a lost Item that has an iFoundThis tag on it can choose to disclose their name, address, mobile phone number and an email address. Without some of this information, it might not be possible for the Finder to assist in the recovery of the lost Item that they have found. In such circumstances, we will not notify the Owner as the Item will still be deemed lost, and any personal data the Finder has provided will be deleted.

Any data that a Finder does provide about themselves will be kept in our database until such time as the recovery is complete or terminated. This information is normally only accesible by our adminstration team. If a Finder consents to us allowing the Account Holder/Owner to collect the Item from them directly, and the Owner agrees, we will pass on the Finders name and mobile phone number to the Owner.

Credit/debit card details

When a payment is made using our Service, we use an external payment processor so we don't have to keep any sensitive information such as credit/debit card numbers. We may keep a record of any payment transactions to enable us to verify you, but any payment data we hold will not include sensitive information such as full credit/debit card numbers, expiry dates and CCV codes.

Other data

We will also obtain limited information from your computer or device such as your IP address and user-agent. We need this information so that we can identify you as a unique user of our Service. We store this information temporarily in Cookies on your device and on our servers. For more information about Cookies, see our Use of Cookies section.

Removal/deletion of personal data

An Account Holder can terminate their account at any time to remove all data we hold about them. Any data we hold about a Finder is automatically deleted once the Item has been returned to its Owner. We cannot remove a Finders details once they have submitted them until the relevant recovery is complete - usually within 28 days. This is because we require the information to complete the recovery that the Owner has paid for and that the Finder has chosen to assist us with.

For more information about data protection and your rights, please visit the Information Commissioner's Office.