Our Terms - Limitations

4) Limitations of our Service

Currently, our Service only operates within the United Kingdom. Recovered items can only be posted to locations within the United Kingdom that have a UK postal code and are served by the Royal Mail's UK postal service. If an Item is recovered through the postal service or via a courier, the maximum postal insurance compensation available is £2500 unless a specialist courier is selected.

4.1 - What we don't and can't cover

Our service has certain limitations and exceptions that are important for all our Users to be aware of. We have certain mechanisms in place to assist Us with these service limitations that include:-

  1. Our Service is only available to Items found within the United Kingdom, where the Owner has registered their account in the United Kingdom.
  2. We do not and cannot arrange shipment of Items outside the United Kingdom.
  3. Postal/courier insurance compensation for a recovered Item is limited to a maximum of what the Owner has chosen as an insurance level when the recovery fee is calculated, up to a maximum of £2500 per item (unless a specialist courier option is chosen). Any compensation will not include our recovery fee which is non-refundable. For more information on this, see section 8.1 of our Terms.
  4. Food, livestock and money should not be recovered through our Service.
  5. Items that are prohibited through the postal system or for shipment via a courier should not be recovered through the Service. We will not refund the recovery fee if we have been advised by the postal service or a courier that the Item is prohibited and subsequently cannot be delivered.