Use of Cookies

What are cookies and how do We use them?

Like most other web-sites and services, iFoundThis uses a standard technology called "cookies". Cookies are small chunks of information that are stored on your computer when you access any part of the Service. Cookies contain encrypted information that include your IP address and details of the computer/device you are accessing the Service from. We need this information so that We can identify you as a unique User. Corresponding information is also stored on our database but is regularly changed for security and is removed after a set time. This information isn't something We use directly, it is information our servers use to identify Users. iFoundThis also stores information such as an encrypted ID number for identification, some details related to your account for authentication (if you are an Account Holder) and your site preferences to make your browsing experience quicker and more pleasant.

Our Service will not work without cookies being enabled. This is because We need to know certain things in order to ensure the information We give you is correct and relevant to you. For example, when you sign in to your account, our cookie will store some account information so that you don't have to keep signing in regularly.

We also use cookies to understand how you use our site so that we can make improvements. We do this by tracking your use of the site and understanding which pages you visit and when.

Are cookies safe?

Yes. Cookies are used by most sites on the internet. Cookies are stored on your computer discreetly and can be found by searching for cookie information in your browser. All the Cookies we use are encrypted. Deleting cookies that have been created by Us will not harm your computer but will mean all your preferences and login details will be reset, so you'll have to sign in again. You cannot use our Service without having cookies enabled because certain pages require your authentication before you can access them.

To access the iFoundThis Service online, you agree to accept cookies from Us.