Our Terms - Your Account

3) Creating an account

Creating an account is free. We collect certain limited personal information from you so that We can get in touch with you in connection with your account. This information will include your name, email* address and a telephone number which We will hold for as long as your account remains active. All uses of your account are your responsibility and you must ensure all the information We have is accurate otherwise We may not be able to assist you should you require a recovery.

3.1 - Essential information we require

Using our Service requires the creation of a free online account. When an account is created, We will need to collect certain limited personal information about you (the prospective Account Holder) to ensure our Service can operate effectively. Limited personal information will include:-

  1. A contact name to ensure we address the Account Holder correctly.
  2. A mobile phone number where text notifications on the status of a recovery can be sent.
  3. A valid and up-to-date email* address so that we can correspond with the Account Holder in relation to their account.

This limited personal information is considered essential for the operation of our Service and unfortunately We cannot offer our Service to anyone who does not wish to disclose it or does not consent to Us keeping hold of it in our database.

Any limited personal information We obtain is kept confidential and is never disclosed to anyone else without the express consent of the Account Holder. We do not and will not pass on any personal information We hold about anyone to a third party unless it required by law to do so.

3.2 - Account responsibility

It is the Account Holders responsibility to ensure any limited personal information We hold about them is current and accurate. Failure to do so may prevent Us recovering their Items if they are ever found when reported through our Service.

For more information about how We keep your personal details private, please read our privacy policy.

3.3 - Account termination

Account holders can close/terminate their accounts at any time by signing in and selecting the relevant option. Once an account is terminated, any items that are tagged with a Recovery Identification Code will not be recoverable through the Service. Any tags that have been purchased will not be valid as there will no longer be an associated account.

We may terminate accounts without notice where We believe an Account Holder has abused the Service, harrassed others, or if We are unable to get in touch with the Account Holder in relation to their account.

3.4 - Account credentials

Account credentials (email and password) are the responsibility of the Account Holder. It is recommended that passwords contain a mixture of numbers, letters and symbols to reduce the chances of an account being manipulated by someone else.

If an Account Holder forgets their password, it can be reset by the Account Holder using the link on the sign-in screen.

If an Account Holder forgets which email address is associated with their account, We have no way of identifying them. Regrettably, in such instance, to continue using the service, they will need to create a new account which will include a new Recovery Identification Code. Any merchandise or recoveries associated with the previous account cannot be transferred to a new account.

It is up to the Account Holder to ensure they keep a record of which email address they use for their account. For security reasons, we cannot disclose any email address or addresses associated with (1) an account, (2) a member identification code or (3) a Recovery Identification Code. We are also unable to disclose account passwords under any circumstance.

*If an account is created over the phone for someone with accessibility needs, an email address may not be collected unless one is available. Without an email address, the Account Holder will be unable to sign in to our online service and will need to contact us on our accessibility line for any queries, orders and recoveries.