Our Terms - Simplified

1) Our terms simplfied

We help people recover lost items that are tagged with an iFoundThis identification code unique to their account. The recovery process involves paying a recovery fee that covers the cost of our service charges and in some cases postage, packaging and handling. We cannot guaranty the recovery of items as what the finder does with them is out of our control. Subsequently, we cannot offer any refunds for items that have not been successfully recovered. If items are lost in the post during a recovery, some compensation may be available depending on what recovery option was chosen.

1.1 - Who are we and what do we do?

iFoundThis is a web based service that assists in the recovery of lost items. We do this by providing an interface between the finder and the owner. An item is 'tagged' by displaying a code unique to the account holder, along with simple instructions on what to do if the item is found. Typical 'tags' are stick-on labels, key rings and bag tags printed with the account holders unique identification code.

We charge a recovery fee for our service only when an item is reported to us and the owner requires it to be recovered. Our recovery fee will consist of (1) a service charge and (2) where applicable; postage, packaging, handling and postal insurance costs. The recovery fee must be paid in full by the account holder (this is normally also the owner) before we can begin the recovery process.

We offer four methods of recovery:-

Direct Collection
This method applies when the finder grants us permission to disclose their name and mobile/telephone number to the owner and the owner agrees to collect the item directly from the finder. No postage, packaging, handling or insurance costs apply in this case.

Direct Recovery
This method applies when a recovered item is returned to its owner directly from the finder. We provide the finder a pre-paid postage packet to return the item straight to the owner. We don't handle the item ourselves and the finder will know the owners name and address.

Relay Recovery
This method applies when a recovered item is returned to its owner by ensuring both finder and owner remain completely anonymous to one another. We provide the finder a pre-paid postage packet to return the item to us and we then 'relay' it to the owner. This method is recommended for items that are associated with the owners address, like keys and wallets.

This method applies when a recovered item is returned to its owner directly through an organised courier. The item is collected from the finder by the courier and delivered to the owner. This method is recommended for larger/bulky or highly valuable items, or if the finder is unable to assist with any of the other recovery methods.

1.2 - Your privacy

We respect the privacy of all our users and we will never disclose any information they provide us to anyone else unless it is requested to do so by law. For more information about how we deal with our users data, please see our privacy policy.

1.3 - Our terms summarised

The following list is in no way intended to be a full collection of all our terms. We have summarised and listed the most common terms & conditions below to make it easier for some of our users to understand what our service can and cannot do. We recommend that all users familiarise themselves with our terms of use before using our service.

1.3.1 - To use our service, certain limited personal information will need to be disclosed to us and held by us in a database.

1.3.2 - If you are using our service because you have found a lost item, any personal information you give us will be removed from our database once the owner has recovered their lost item or when the recovery is complete/terminated.

1.3.3 - We are not in any way responsible for the loss of an item or items and we cannot guaranty their recovery.

1.3.4 - Our service is in no way intended to contradict the law. If we are unable to assist the finder returning an item to its owner, the finder is advised to hand the item to a lost property office or to the police.

1.3.5 - Certain items can be recovered by giving the owner the option to collect them directly from the finder but only if the finder agrees to us giving the owner their name and mobile/telephone number.

1.3.6 - We do not in any way claim ownership or responsibility, or can be held accountable for any items tagged and recovered through our service at any time.

1.3.7 - We cannot guaranty the accuracy of any information the finder provides us, and subsequently what we, or you, do with that information.

1.3.8 - The owner agrees to pay a recovery fee should they require our recovery service for a lost item that is found and reported to us.

1.3.9 - Recovery fees are non-refundable regardless of whether an item is successfully returned to the owner or not. If an item is lost during the recovery process in the post or by a courier, any compensation will be capped at the maximum rate specified by the owner when he/she selected the option of recovery and paid the recovery fee. In most cases, the compensation will not include the recovery fee which is non-refundable under any circumstance.

1.3.10 - Under no circumstance will we disclose the finders details to the owner and vice versa, unless (1) The finder has given us permission to give the owner their name and telephone number, (2) The owner has chosen the 'direct recovery' method where the finder will receive a pre-paid postage packet that will have the owners name and address printed on it, (3) The owner has chosen the 'courier recovery' method where the finder may have access to the owners name and address through the courier documentation or (4) we have been instructed to do so by law.

1.3.12 - The owner of a lost item recovered through iFoundThis must ensure their account is up to date with a valid email address and mobile phone number otherwise we are unable to get in touch with them in relation to a recovery.

1.3.13 - Items must be correctly tagged with relevant labels, bag tags or key rings printed with the owners (account holders) recovery identification code otherwise they may not be recoverable.

1.3.13 - An iFoundThis account holder is responsible for their account and all uses of it.

1.3.14 - We are not an insurance company. We may recommend certain insurance policies, that are optional, to protect items from loss or damage during postage/shipping if they are recovered this way.

1.3.15 - Any person(s), group or organisation using our service agrees to indemnify, defend and hold us harmless from and against any loss, cost, damages, liability, and/or expense arising out of or relating to the use of our service.