Tracking your phone if your lose it

A phone tracker lets you find your phone if you lose it. Most up-to-date smartphones have built in tracking systems using GPS. These systems are great providing your phone is switched on and has enough power for you to track it. If the power dies, so do any attempts at finding its current location. You can stick an additional tracker on your phone that has its own power supply but these typically have a very limited range of, at best, hundreds of meters. This is no good if you lose your phone while you're travelling for example or if you're visiting other towns or cities.

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Our simple non-electronic phone tracker

Our phone tracker works very differently to any electronic tracking system. Firstly, there are no electronics and secondly it doesn't rely on any part of your phone being operational. It works using our tracking system whereby a person who comes across your phone can notify us. All you do is stick one of our coded stick-on labels to the front or rear cover of your phone - anywhere that doesn't interfere with its operation. The label has, printed on it, a simple instruction on what to do if your phone is found. All the finder needs to do is follow the instruction and we can then track your phone, notifying you of its location and giving you various recovery options depending on where it is and what the finder is prepared to do to assist. If your phone is located somewhere that's easy for you to get to and access, you can choose to pick it up from the finder directly. If it's in another town or city and it's difficult or inconvenient for you to collect it, we can send the finder a pre-paid postage pack to return the phone directly to you. Or if you prefer something more secure, you can have it sent to us and we'll send it on to you to ensure the finder doesn't know where you live.

The environment and you

A phone tracker that's fitted externally to your phone just adds an additional set of electronic components which will cause problems at the end of the products life. Phones already contain a lot electronic components, some of which cannot be recycled, and adding more makes the problem worse. Batteries especially, contain rare elements that are in short supply.

Most smartphones have tracking functions already built in. These use the phones GPS system along with the network to transmit information about where the phone is located. This relies on the phone having enough power to transmit the signal. In a lot of phones too, you can disable features remotely and display a message on the phone asking the finder to call a particular number in order to get in touch with you. Whilst all these systems are extremely helpful, they are not fail safe and any additional measures of protection you can introduce just help to increase the chances of you getting your phone back quickly.

How our coded labels can track your phone

Our tracking system doesn't require any batteries or power. It uses the information that a finder provides us instead. Adding our phone tracker to you mobile phone is really simple. Just stick one of our labels on the case, where it can be seen. That's it. There are no subscription charges to pay, no connection issues, no worrying over whether your phone's charged and no need to give away any personal details. The system is maintenance free with the exception of checking the legibility of the label now and again. That's it! Never lose your phone again with our phone tracker - take a look at our shop!