Lost and found

Losing something valuable can be quite distressing. Items such as mobile phones, keys and wallets that often contain very personal information can disrupt your life if they go missing. It can also be very upsetting for other people too when items like a child's teddy or a treasured blanket go missing. Fortunately, the majority of people that find lost items like these will do the honest thing and hand them in to a lost property office or to the police.

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Lost and found cycle

Getting your valuables back

Recovering lost items from the police can be very inconvenient and many police forces have limited resources to deal with lost property. Unless someone knows who you are and where you live, it can be very difficult to get your possessions back. It's not always a good idea to keep personal information visible on valuable items as this makes it much easier to steal your identity and puts you at risk of theft.

Fortunately though, there is a way around this. iFoundThis is a service that enables anyone to tag or label their possessions with a simple code unique to them. This code directs the finder to our website so if an item is ever lost, there is a good chance the finder will get in touch with us.

How we recover your possessions

We provide instructions to both you and the finder on the easiest way to recover your item. If the finder is happy to let you contact them, the easiest method of recovery is to make arrangements with them directly. If that's not possible, you can use our postal recovery services. We send the finder a pre-paid postal packet so that they can return your item to you. And if you'd prefer not to disclose your details to the finder, we can instruct them to send the postal packet to us, and we'll then relay it on to you.

And if someone hands in your item to the police, the police can get in touch with us so that we can pass on the relevant information to them.

Lost and found cycle

Tagging and tracking your possessions

Tagging items requires you to sign up with a completely free iFoundThis account so that we can create your unique tracking code. Your code can be used on almost any item you own including keys, wallets, phones, bags, purses, clothes, watches, childrens toys etc. That means you can use our tagging system as a phone tracker, wallet tracker or even a key finder. You can tag as many items as you like, for free. We also supply various tags in our shop that include a selection of high quality waterproof labels, key rings and bag tags printed with your unique tracking code. Your personal details are always kept hidden.

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Lost property is recovered and reunited with owner

You can tag pretty much anything you like including keys, wallets, items of clothing, shoes, mobile phones, cameras, laptops etc. If and when an item you lose is recovered, we'll let you chose how your item is recovered and, if applicable, what level of postage cover you require so that the items that matter to you more can be returned quicker and with various levels of postal insurance.

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Protect your possessions by signing up with us for free. Once you're signed up, take a look at the tags we offer in our shop. We also have tag starter pack that includes everything you need to get started straight away.

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