Finding your keys if you lose them

Keys are items that are often misplaced and go missing. Because we use them all the time and tend to throw them into our pockets or bags, they often end up where they shouldn't. We make a simple key finder that can help someone return your keys if you lose them. Unlike electronic key finders, ours don't require batteries, use GPS or emit any radio signals. You can trace your keys anywhere within the UK too. You can use our key finders with most keys including car keys and key-fobs.

lost keys
key ring used as a key finder

A non-electronic key finder

Our key finder works alongside our tracking system that uses a simple code unique to you. This code is printed on one of our key rings (several designs are available). If you lose your keys, whoever finds them can follow a simple instruction that's printed on the key ring so that we can trace their location and notify you. Depending on what preferences the finder has and where the keys are relative to you, you can either choose to contact the finder directly and make arrangements with them to collect, have the keys posted to you from the finder or have the finder post them to us. The latter option is the most favoured for keys because it means the finder has no way of knowing any of your personal details such as your address.

Better for the environment

Key finders come in many forms. Decades ago, you'd click your fingers and clap your hands to locate a key finder that would bleep on hearing the loud sharp sound your hands would make. These days, electronic key finders are far more sophisticated, allowing you to pin point the position of your keys via an app. The issue with these modern devices is their production and operation. Firstly, they contain a lot of electronics and batteries that make recycling very difficult, and secondly, they emit radio signals that present their own problems.

Devices like these have a limited range so if you lose your keys in another town or city, the tracking systems just won't work. That's because most modern key trackers emit radio signals that need power to generate. The power usually comes from an internal battery that drives electrical circuits, generating the radio signals. A lot of people believe that exposure to continuous radio signals at certain frequencies, even weak ones, may be damaging to our health.

How we can track your keys

We produce a range of key-rings that have your unique tracking code printed on them. This code is unique to your account and can be used with any item. When it's printed on our key-rings, it enables anyone who finds a key-ring to report it using their phone, laptop or PC. Once reported, we notify you instantly, giving you recovery options.

If the finder is OK for you to contact them and you're able to get to the finder conveniently, you can make arrangements with them to pick up your keys. If your keys are found many miles away and it's just not practical for you to collect them, we can send the finder a pre-paid postage packet so they can send the keys to us and we'll relay them on to you. That way the finder doesn't ever know where you live.

Our key finder key-rings are completely waterproof and designed to last for years and years with no maintenance – no batteries, no apps, no GPS. Never lose your keys again with our key finders - take a look at our shop!