Recovery process

If you've lost something that has been tagged, our process of recovery is very straight forward. As soon as your item has been found and reported to us, we'll start the recovery process straight away. Please ensure your email address and mobile phone number are up to date.

You can't do anything about a lost item if it hasn't been found and reported to us so please try not to fret. As soon as someone reports your item to us, we'll get the recovery process under way.

The first thing we do is text/email you to notify you that someone has found your item. You'll need to sign in to your account to access your recovery options. As it's possible to have more than one recovery in-progress, we regard each as a 'recovery case'. Depending on what the item is and what preferences the finder has, we'll give you all the recovery options possible along with the price for each option. All you need to do is choose the option that suits you, pay the recovery fee and we'll do the rest. That's it!

As we rely on the information other people give us, we can't guaranty the success of a recovery. Fortunately, most people are very honest and the majority of recoveries are completed without any issues. In rare instances where we might need further clarification or information, we'll let you know.

Recovery options...

Direct collection

If the direct collection method is available as a recovery option and you choose it, we'll text and email you the finders name and contact number so that you can get in touch with them directly to make arrangements to collect your item.

Direct recovery & relay recover

If the direct recovery and relay recovery methods are available and you choose one of them, we'll get a postage packet off to the finder quickly and keep you updated by text alerts and email.

Specialist courier

If your item is bulky or requires special handling and you choose this option, we'll get in touch with you on the phone/email to discuss courier options and pricing.

Cancelling the recovery

If you decide you want to cancel the recovery for whatever reason (perhaps you don't need the item any longer or it's been recovered elsewhere), you can cancel the recovery by signing in to your account. We'll ask you if you're happy for us to let the finder know that they can keep your item if they wish.

Once you've received your item, please sign in to your account, select the relevant case and let us know you've received it to ensure we don't get in touch with you about it again. Cases that are left open for a while will automatically be closed regardless of the outcome.