I've lost something

iFoundThis is a service that helps people like you recover lost items. We can only do this if your item has an iFoundThis tag. The tag has a code unique to your account so that we can identify you as the owner. If you don't already have an iFoundThis account, sign up today for free.

If you've lost something, don't panic. The first thing to do is to re-trace your steps to see if you can trace the item yourself. If you were walking on the street, people often leave items on walls or somewhere visible. If you were in any buildings, go back to them and ask people inside them like a receptionist or other worker if anyone has handed in your item. If you were on public transport, in an airport or somewhere else similar, most places like that will have a lost property office and you should try and locate it. You can also get in touch with the Metropolitan Police lost property division who will let you know if someone hands in your item to a local police station.

If after re-tracing your steps you still haven't recovered your item, if it has an iFoundThis tag, there is a good chance someone finding it will get in touch with us. When they do, we'll notify you immediately so that you can decide what recovery process to take. Until then, it's a waiting game unfortunately.