Protect your things with our non-electronic coded tracking tags

If you've just signed up with us, a big congratulations to you and thank you for your support. We make it easier for you to recover your possessions, should they ever go missing. We do this without the need for electronics, batteries, sim-cards, GPS or apps. Our coded tracking tags use a simple identifier that is associated with you. If someone finds an item you've lost, they can report it to us, and we'll notify you.


Tags that are kinder to the environment
Tracking a bag with a bag tag
Bag tags in various colours
Tracking a phone with a tracking label
Tracking keys with a key tracker key-ring
Tracking keys with a key tracker key-ring
Tracking keys with a key tracker key-ring
Tracking keys with a key tracker key-ring
Tracking keys with a key tracker key-ring

How our lost and found tracking service works

To protect an item, it needs to have something on it that will direct a person who finds it to us. That something is what we call a 'tag'. We currently offer three types of tag to suit most items people want to protect. Our tags ensure your personal details remain just that. No names*, phone numbers or other personal details are ever shown on our tags. Instead, we print a unique code that is associated with your account so that we can identify you if anyone reports your missing item to us.

stick-on labels
stick-on labels
stick-on labels

Our tags don't use any electronics or require power or charging so they can be effective indefinitely. Unlike other electronic trackers, ours are 'fit and forget' with no maintenance.

*With the exception of our name tag range that display a name of your choice along with our standard identification detail - these are well suited for school uniforms, school stationary and office equipment where your printed name identifies you to people who are most likely to know you.

Tags that last for ages

All of our tags are designed with longevity in mind and they can be fitted to items used indoors and out. We use a polymer based printing material for our products to ensure they are fully waterproof and resistant to any kind of weather. You can find out more here.

Of course, you can make your own tags too if you wish but remember that they need to be legible if and when your item goes missing. A tag must show your unique identification code and a link to our website so that anyone who might find your item knows what to do.

We currently offer three types of coded tags

1) Stick-on labels - for protecting wallets, phones, credit cards, clothes, etc.

Stick-on labels can be applied to pretty much anything, including clothing. We offer a range of stick-on label types, name tags and designs in our shop.

iFoundThis stick-on labels

2) Key rings - for protecting and tracking keys and key-fobs

Key rings are suited for protecting keys (obviously) and we also offer a range of key ring types and designs.

iFoundThis key rings

3) Bag tags - for protecting and tracking bags, handbags, purses & buggies

Bag tags are similar to key rings but rather than having a key loop, they have a longer strap that can fit around bag handles, straps and other similar items. That makes them very suited to protecting hand bags, sports bags, school bags, buggies, prams and push chairs.

iFoundThis bag tags