Why do we charge a recovery fee?

To keep our service active, we have administrative costs to cover. These may include packaging materials and postage costs so that we can relay recovered items to their original owners.

Service charge

Our recovery fee is comprised of a service charge and (where applicable) charges for postage, packaging, handling and postal insurances.

Depending on the method of recovery, the options presented to you will include all the relevant charges. The most cost effective way to get your item returned is by 'direct collection'. This requires name and phone number disclosure consent from both the finder and owner so that the owner can make direct arrangements with the finder to collect the item. In this instance, the recovery fee will only include the service charge.

Supporting our service

Without recovery fees, we would be unable to maintain our service and more items like yours would go missing forever in the ever-mounting pile of lost and found property around the country. We offer our gratitude for continued support to all our members and anyone who uses our service.