Can the finder send my lost item to me?

Yes. If you choose our 'direct recovery' method, the pre-paid postage pack that we send out to the finder will have your name and address on it. We only advise you use this method for items that aren't associated with your property/address. Keys or wallets should never be recovered this way as the finder will know your address. Use our 'relay recovery' or 'direction collection' methods instead.

Preventing criminal activity

Most people are honest and law abiding. Unfortunately there will always be some who are not so it is always advisable to proceed with caution when disclosing your name and address. If you choose our 'direct recovery' method, be aware that the finder will need to know your name and address. If they're sending you keys that have been recovered, they could potentially know what property those keys belong to (unless you choose a different postal address for recovery or use the 'direct collection/relay recovery' methods).

Our recommended methods of recovery

We always recommend the 'direct collection' method because it's quick and simple and there is a good chance you could have your item back before the end of the day. When that's not a safe option, the 'relay recovery' method should be used as it keeps both finder and owner details confidential from one another.