How do I protect my valuables?

When you register with us, you'll have a unique recovery identification code specific only to your account. The code is a short mix of letters and numbers that can be translated to a simple URL. When a finder goes to that URL, they can report the item to us and we can notify you.

Where do I get tags from?

We can print a range of product tags with your unique recovery identification code printed on them. Take a look at our shop for more information. To order tags, you must be registered. If you don't already have an account, sign up for free today and order your tags so that you can protect your valuable items from loss as quickly as possible.

We cannot assist you to recover a lost item if the item doesn't have a tag with your unique recovery identification code printed on it.

Your confidentiality

A finder has no way of knowing who you are as the recovery identification code does not disclose any of your personal information. Our system is designed to keep as much of your identify hidden as is possible. We don't disclose your personal information to anyone unless it is requested to do so by law or you have given us permission to do so. None of your details will be publicly visible on our website and you can choose any postal address in the UK to have recovered items sent to.

Do I have to order tags?

You don't have to order tags but our printed tags are the best way to ensure a finder will assist in recovering your item if it's ever lost. If you like, you can label your items yourself providing the label includes your recovery identification code and the finder knows what to do if they find it.

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