What if I have product insurance?

If you have insurance for your item that covers you against loss or damage, you should consult your insurer first before recovering your item through us. In most cases, recovering your item shouldn't invalidate your insurance but it's best to check.

We do not currently operate or liaise with insurance companies that offer protection against theft, loss or damage. If your item is insured against loss and you lose it, there is no reason why it can't be recovered through our service if someone finds it and reports it to us. For most people, getting their valuables back is more important than making a claim for loss through an insurance company. If in any doubt, to avoid any disputes about an insurance policy, we suggest that you only tag items that are not insured with a loss policy.

Do you offer loss insurance?

We don't offer any insurance against loss at the moment. There are several insurance companies that do so it's worth shopping around if it's something you're interested in. Some items are sentimental and cannot be replaced so recovering them is always the best option.