What if I don't pay the recovery fee?

If your item is lost and then found by someone who reports it to us, we cannot start the recovery process unless you, the account holder, has paid the recovery fee. If the fee isn't paid within 28 days, we advise the finder to hand over the item to the police and we will liaise with the police if necessary to ensure there are no breaches of the law. This process will inevitably take some time and cause a lot of inconvenience for you. It also means that we cannot disclose any details about the finder or the location of the item to you.

What is the recovery fee?

The recovery fee is a charge to use our service. It covers the cost of our administration and (where applicable) the cost of postage, packaging, handling and insurance to get your lost item back to you. The recovery fee will always include a service charge regardless of what method of recovery is used.

You are under no obligation

You are under no obligation to pay our recovery fee if someone reports your lost item to us and we get in touch with you. However, not paying the recovery fee means that we can't start the recovery process and it is unlikely you'll get your item back quickly. We advise finders to keep hold of items for at least 28 days before handing them over to a lost property office or to the police. To maintain our Privacy Policy we do not ask the finder which lost property office or police station they take found items to. Only the police can request information from us if we have it. It is in your interest to pay our recovery fee as quickly as possible to minimise any delay getting the item back to you.