Is my item lost or stolen?

There is a difference between lost and stolen items. Lost items are those where the owner may have accidentally misplaced them or forgotten where they left them. Stolen items are those that the owner didn't misplace and someone else has intentionally taken them without the owners permission. This can be considered either a criminal and/or civil offence. iFoundThis does not offer any protection against the theft of your items.

Did someone take it?

If an item of yours goes missing, it's quite difficult to know whether or not you've misplaced it. If it is a valuable item, we suggest reporting it to the police. If you misplaced it, there is a good chance someone will find it and report it to us (if it was tagged correctly). Unfortunately, stolen items are unlikely to be recovered but it's nice to know that the majority of people would do the honest thing if they found something that didn't belong to them.

Sometimes, lost items can turn up weeks or months after their disappearance so don't lose hope. Items that you mark with an iFoundThis tag are far more likely to be recovered even if they end up in a lost property office or with the police.