What lost items can you help me recover?

Pretty much anything that can be sent in the post can be recovered through us. Even bulky items can be recovered using our 'direct collection' method which involves giving the you the finders details so that direct arrangements can be made for collection. We can even handle items that require specialist handling or are very valuable.

We can help recover most items that go missing

iFoundThis can help you recover the most common items that go missing. These include mobile phones, keys, wallets, jewellery, clothes and children's toys to name but a few. The general rule is, if it can be posted, then we can help recover it. And if it can't be posted, then we still might be able to recover it using a specialist courier or through a direct collection. Certain items like food, livestock, drugs and chemicals, may be prohibited from being sent through the postal service. Although these items can't be posted, they may still be recoverable using the 'direct collection' method.

Bulky item tags

Our most common labels are designed for items that aren't considered bulky but there's no reason why they can't be used on bulky items. We sell larger labels for bulkier items so it's much easier for the finder to spot them and follow the instructions. If you are looking to tag a larger, bulkier item like an item of furniture or a bicycle, consider purchasing larger labels that have more presence.

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