What if my lost item isn't returned to me?

If someone finds your lost item and reports it to us, it is essentially their responsibility to return it. Unfortunately we aren't responsible for your item whilst it is in the possession of the finder. If they do not return it, we are unable to recover it from them. If the finder has given us their personal details and your item isn't returned to you or us within 28 days, we may pass on their details to the police.

It is an offence to keep hold of an item that you've found that does not belong to you without attempting to get it back to its owner. If someone decides to keep your item, there isn't a lot we can do if they haven't gone through the recovery process and provided us with their personal details. If they have, we can pass on those details to the police if necessary.

Lost in the post during recovery

This can happen unfortunately, although it is fairly rare. In the event that your item is lost when it is sent to us or when we send it to you, we will attempt to obtain compensation from the postal service or courier up to the proven value of the item. When you choose a recovery method, you should select the compensation level that covers the value of your item just in case is goes missing again in the post. The compensation will not include our service charge. In most instances we will require you to provide proof of the products value as some of the postal service's products and certain couriers require this to pay a claim. For more information on compensation if an item being returned is lost, please see section 8.1 of our Terms of Use.