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A personal item tracker with a difference

A tracker is a word that generally describes something that can find or locate something else. When people think about a tracker, they generally think of a device that connects to their smartphone to enable them to locate a lost possession. Most trackers that do this are what we like to call electronic trackers. And although they're great if you've lost your keys or wallet somewhere in the house or nearby, they aren't so great if you've dropped something in town or further afield.

Our trackers are different. They are not tracking systems in the conventional sense. Whilst they do 'track' lost property, they are passive devices that don't use any electronics or radio signals to determine the items location. Instead, they allow us to locate your item for you based on the information that a finder gives us. For example, one of our coded labels on a wallet will become a personal item tracker if the wallet is ever lost, but rather than let you track your wallet, our system will do if for you. When a finder reports the wallet to us using the code on the tag itself. This code displays no information about you at all so the finder has no way of knowing who you are or where you live. However, that code is associated with you and the details we hold about you so we can notify you of its whereabouts and give you any relevant recovery options.

Recovering your lost items

When an item has been reported to us, we'll notify you. The recovery options will depend on the finders preferences and the item itself. The quickest and most convenient recovery method is what we call a 'direct collection'. This is when we text you the finders name and phone number so that you can make arrangements with them directly to recover your item. The great thing about this is that it allows you to have full control over when and where you collect the item. Any arrangements you make with the finder are up to you.

Recovering your lost items from a distance

It would be great if everything we lost was lost locally but unfortunately that's seldom the case. If your lost item is found many miles away from you, we'll also give you the opportunity to request that the finder posts it to you, or to us. What we do is send the finder a pre-paid postage packet so they can post the item. Posting items to us is more expensive as items need to be posted from us to you, essentially doubling the postage cost. But this method is a brilliant way of ensuring the finder has no idea where you are, where you live or even what you're called. So things like keys and wallets can be returned safely without any risk of the finder duplicating keys or obtaining your postal address for criminal activity.

Hopefully that's given you a bit of an insight into how our lost property system works and how our tags are used as personal item trackers. It's really easy to just ignore ever losing something particularly if you haven't lost something in a while, but the fact is everyone will lose items worth thousands of pounds throughout the course of their lives. iFoundThis can make it much easier for you to get them back.

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1st Dec 2019
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