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Lost and found in London

There's so much to see and do in and around London. If you're visiting this amazing city, make sure you protect your valuables. There are lots of lost and found property offices and organisations around the city but if you're visiting from further afield, the last thing you want is to go home and realise that you've lost something. It's often very difficult to recovery items this way if you don't know where they end up. Not many lost and found offices will return items to their owners. They generally expect owners to collect them.

Lost and found office locations

There are quite a few lost and found offices dotted around London, and if you do realise you've misplaced something before you leave the city, you might find it useful to try the following lost and found offices:-

Lost Property Office – Baker Street – 0344 222 1234

Left Luggage And Lost Property Office Kings Cross Station – Kings Cross Station

Lost Property – East London – 0203 111 0112

South Western Railway Lost Property – Waterloo & Waterloo East Station

You can also re-trace your steps and visit any specific stations to ask if your item has been handed in. Failing that, you can go online and visit the Metropolitan Police's lost and found website

It's easy to lose items in London

London is such a big, busy place that it's easy to lose something. If you're visiting the city, you'll probably travel by taxi, public transport or by foot. Anything can drop out of your pockets or handbag at any time so make sure you keep things secure and check that you have them every so often. This is especially important if you visit public spaces like parks because losing an item there makes it far more difficult to recover.

An easier way to recover your lost items

Statistically, the chance of you being reunited with your lost item dwindles by the day. If you can protect your items before you've lost them, there is a better chance you'll get them back. iFoundThis lets you tag pretty much any item with a label, key ring or bag tag that have a unique code printed on them. If you lose an item and someone else finds it, they can enter the code online to notify you. If the finder consents to disclosing their contact details, you have the option of making arrangements with them to pick up the item. However, that's not always practical when someone has left the city and is hundreds of miles away. iFoundThis also gives the you, the owner, the option of paying to have your item posted to you. All the finder needs to do is pack the item in a pre-paid packet or parcel and take it to a local post office. So even if your lost property is in London and you're all the way up in Leeds, you can still recovery your item without having to travel all the way back down to London. It's definitely worth thinking about. Creating an iFoundThis account is free and you only pay a recovery fee if you lose an item and you need iFoundThis to recover it for you.

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24th May 2019
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