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How I managed to track my phone when I lost it

Losing your phone can be really heart breaking - all that history, those texts, photos, phone numbers and information potentially in someone else’s hands. When a mobile phone goes missing, it’s like you’ve lost a portion of yourself. So what can you do to help track your phone? Most modern mobile phones have various tracking applications that utilise the phones GPS system. These tracking applications are usually very good and have some useful security features too to help prevent the misuse of your phone and any associated accounts. However, they all rely on the phone being switched on and having enough power to operate them.

Protect your phone before it's lost

The best way to protect your phone is to ensure you secure it while you still have it. Make sure all your data and access to the phone is password protected to prevent anyone from accessing sensitive information and making phone calls without your permission. Set up regular cloud based backups from your phone so that any important data is always available should the worst happen. To ensure your phone is protected even when it’s off, tag it with an iFoundThis label. If someone finds your phone, they can enter the unique code on the label to get in touch with you.

Track my phone on Android

If your phone is Android based and you have a Google account, you can sign in to your account on any other device/computer to locate it using Google’s ‘Find My Device’. It’s a pretty neat system that can be used to ring your phone (assuming it’s not on silent and is still switched on) or used to pinpoint the last position it was seen in. It can even tell you what WiFi network it was last connected too. You can also remotely sign your phone out of your Google account and lock it allowing only a call to a nominated contact number. Really helpful stuff that should track your phone easily enough. I’ve used it before to track my phone and it was brilliant.

You can also find lots of other tracking applications in the Google Play Store but personally I think Googles ‘Find My Device’ is more than adequate for the job.

Track my phone with iOS

If you have an iPhone, like Android, there are various applications you can use. Apples ‘Find My iPhone’ can be used to find the approximate location of an iOS device if it has been set up to do so. It’s worth checking your settings to make sure it is fully enabled. It can also be used to find the approximate location of a phone that is included in a group or ‘family share’ so you can keep tabs on other devices that are part of your family. Like Google’s ‘Find My Device’, you can lock your iPhone using the 'Lost Mode' through iCloud. This will prevent anyone who has found your iPhone from being able to use it.

Track my phone with iFoundThis

Tracking your phone doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get it back. It’ll allow you to find where it could be but that’s assuming it still has power and hasn’t been lost long. If you tag your phone with an iFoundThis label, the finder can return it to you even if the phone has no more power and has been lost for days, weeks or even months. Tagging your phone with an iFoundThis label costs nothing. If you don’t already have an account, sign up today. It’s an additional security measure that’s worth considering.

There are a lot of resources and helpful hints online to help you track your phone. Search for ‘track my phone’ on Google and you’ll have plenty of links to get you going.

And remember, your can tag your phone with an iFoundThis label so that if it’s ever lost and out of power, you still stand a good chance of getting it back.

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23rd May 2019
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