lost and found sign

Working with lost property offices

Our tags can help lost property offices find you quicker.

Last updated 24th Jan 2020

phone tracker

A personal item tracker with a difference

Our tags are used to track your items if you lose them, anywhere in the UK.

Last updated 1st Dec 2019

phone, wallet and keys to be tracked

How iFoundThis can help track your phone, your wallet, your keys and everything else

We make non-electronic coded tags that you can use as a phone tracker, wallet tracker and key finder.

Last updated 20th Nov 2019

Calculating how much lost valuables add up to

Just how much do our lost valuables add up to?

The true cost of replacing valuables over a lifetime is shocking.

Last updated 20th Sep 2019

caring for the environment

Name tags - labeling your clothing

Let’s consider the environment when we lose something.

Last updated 18th Aug 2019

caring for the environment

Protecting your items and caring for the environment

Let’s consider the environment when we lose something.

Last updated 13th Jun 2019

losing something precious

Keeping your identity confidential when you lose something

How to keep your identity confidential when you lose something.

Last updated 12th Jun 2019

lost wallet

How to recover a lost wallet

A few tips on how to recover a lost wallet.

Last updated 11th Jun 2019

lost property

What happens to lost property?

What happens to all the lost property?

Last updated 5th Jun 2019

lost keys, losing your keys

How to recover lost keys

Lost keys can disrupt your life so don’t lose them!

Last updated 2nd Jun 2019

recovering lost items london

Lost and found in London

How to recover an item you might have lost in a different city.

Last updated 24th May 2019

lost phone on bench

How I managed to track my phone when I lost it

Losing your phone can be heart breaking. Find out how you can protect it.

Last updated 23rd May 2019


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