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We are a private organisation that helps people recover lost items by providing a simple tagging system. The tags give a finder easy instructions that enable us to identify the owner, keeping any personal information confidential.

We tend not to think about losing things but when it happens, it can be very distressing. Possessions are important to people in different ways. Some have monetary value and others sentimental. The average person will lose thousands of possessions in their lifetime, some of those very valuable. The cost to replace these items can amount to several thousand pounds or more over a lifetime. A lot of the items I've lost in the past have belonged to my two children. Anyone with children will know just how easy things go missing.

After losing a set of keys that had no value to anyone else, I thought to myself there must be a way to make recovering items like this easier. That's when I came up with the idea of tagging items with a simple non-electronic based system. It should help reduce the millions of pounds worth of lost items that end up in landfill and scrap heaps every year as well as giving joy to people by reuniting them quickly with their lost possessions.

Andreas Simeou, Founder - Twickenham UK
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Dealing with lost property

iFoundThis helps people recover their lost items if they were lost or misplaced anywhere in the UK. It's not always straight forward getting something back from the numerous lost property offices around the country. Your item needs to be there for you to stand a chance of getting it back. Then there's the hassle of making enquiries, assuming it has been handed in somewhere.

Getting your lost property back

If you've lost something on public transport, in an gym, a supermarket, an airport etc., there's a good chance you'll get it back if you re-trace your steps. But what about the countless times you have no idea where you could have dropped your item? What then? And if you have kids, what about those times when they decide to throw something out of the buggy or leave something in the park?

Posting your lost item back to you

iFoundThis uses a simple tagging system to identify an item with a particular owner. It makes it easy for anyone finding the item to report it to us so that we can get in touch with the owner. It doesn't matter where in the UK you lose it, it can be recovered by anyone. And if your item is handed in to the police, they can use our service to identify you easily and get in touch with you.

Signing up is free

We don't charge a membership or subscription fee and anyone can register with us for free. If we are instructed to recover an item that someone has reported to us, we will charge a small recovery fee depending on what the item is and the method of recovery. There is no obligation to pay the recovery fee, no contracts and your membership lasts indefinitely with no membership fees to pay ever.

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