Never lose anything again with our unique lost and found system

We help protect your possessions before you lose them

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Protect your possessions while you still have them
Don't wait until it's too late

Protect your keys, wallets, cards...
Protect your phones, toys, clothes...
Protect your bags, cameras, laptops...
Protect your shoes, buggies, and more...

Non-electronic trackers for anything

Our unique coded tags can be used as a personal item tracker. They do not require any electronics, batteries, or radio signals. Instead, our cheap tracker tags work using a simple code unique to you. The code is printed on labels, name tags, key rings and bag-tags that we supply and that you can attach to almost anything you want to protect. Unlike other small tracker systems, our tags do not emit any signals and are much better for the environment as they are completely passive.

You can use one of our coded tags as a phone tracker, wallet tracker and key finder with no need for environmentally damaging electronic tags. Our recovery system uses people power!








Helping return the things that matter

It's easy to lose something and when you do, it can be heart-breaking and disruptive. Fortunately there's a simple way to help protect your possessions by making it easier for someone to return them. No more lost property.

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Lost and found cycle

Smile, we'll help you get your lost property back

iFoundThis lets you to tag your possessions so that if you lose them, they can be returned to you. A tag is used as a personal item tracker allowing the finder to notify us, knowing nothing about you or where you live (with the exception of our name tags that just display your name). That means items like keys, wallets and phones that could expose your identity and create opportunities for theft can be returned safely.

No subscription charges

Signing up is free. There are no subscription charges. You can protect pretty much any items you like with a small tracker tag once you've signed up. If you lose a possessions and someone reports it to us, you can choose whether to pay a small recovery fee so we can help get it back. It's so simple.

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Lost and found cycle